Complications With Head Sweating?

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Body temperature is regulated by millions of minute sweat glands that cover the entire body and these are activated to make one perspire when the body heats up lowering the temperature. How can I stop excessive head sweating is a question asked by thousands of people daily who have to contend with this unwarranted problem.

Unfortunately approximately three percent of the world's inhabitants have ineffective glands that malfunction and cause excessive head sweating. Ninety-five percent of people in this group have primary hyperhidrosis for which there are alleviating treatments that may give one relief from this embarrassing affliction.

Unless one has lived through the affliction a person can never really understand the helplessness of people who live with it daily. Wet, limp sweaty hair, makeup never staying on a person's face all leave one looking slightly unkempt and tense.

People experience a serious loss of self-esteem when they find themselves in this situation that works in continuous circle when one starts to sweat, gets nervous and anxious about it, as a reflex glands over react and more sweating starts up.

It is recommended that one make a conscious effort to manage stress levels, avoid anxiety and emotional situations. This is of course easier said than done as the strain of modern day living together with pressures of work and family all add fuel to nervous tension.

There are numerous herbal and chemical remedies on the market that have brought relief to sufferers but one is advised to see their medical practitioner before trying any of these many options. An additional caution pertains to the remaining five percent of people that may, with their overactive glands, be manifesting an underlying problem such as beginning of change of life, thyroid complications or diabetes.

Natural shampoos and less washing of hair that leads to glands becoming overactive, staying away from alcohol, heavily spiced foods and caffeine drinks and using lighter body and facial creams are also advised.

Artificial fibers such as nylon heat the body and cause sweating whereas natural fibers like cotton and linen do not and will be more comfortable to wear. Sandals and walking bare feet also tend to cool one down.

A nervous system that has become overactive is the main reason for this affliction and if one can stay relaxed and cool one may have found a way to solve the much asked question how can I stop excessive head sweating.

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Complications With Head Sweating?

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This article was published on 2011/03/29