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Experiencing excessive underarm sweat is a symptom of the medical condition called Hyperhidrosis. This sweating problem is often described as having one's underarms, hands, feet, or scalp being drenched with sweat all throughout the day and night. This can lead to much discomfort, especially when your day is spent in close proximity to people in a professional or social setting. Often times, because of the anxiety that is caused by this excessive sweating, a person's self esteem can be tremendously affected and can often produce much unhappiness and even depression.

Before trying to seek treatments for excessive sweating, you should first find out what happens in the body to cause this perspiration. Sweating is actually a way for the human body to regulate temperature. Sweat glands produce sweat when instructed to do so by the nervous system, and excessive sweat is caused when the sweat glands produce more sweat than is necessary in order for your body temperature to cool. Some common causes of excessive sweat are one's diet, mental and physical stress, and alcohol consumption, among other things.

Treatments for people who produce excessive sweat ranges from common over-the-counter topical treatments to surgery. For those who prefer antiperspirants, you can even get prescription medication in the form of aluminum chloride hexahydrate, which goes under the brand name, Drysol. If topical treatments are just not working, you can choose a procedure called Iontophoresis. During Iontophoresis, water and a mild electrical current to the skin of the hands or feet causes the skin to thicken on a microscopic level. As a result, this blocks sweat from going to the skin's surface. If you think surgery is the way to go, there is more than one option from which to choose. You can choose to have your sweat glands removed or have what is called Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy ( ETS ). Most physicians consider ETS a means of last resort because of the negative side effects associated with the procedure.

In conclusion, when determining the best way to stop excessive sweat, do an initial self examination. See if there is anything you are doing with regard to eating habits, stress in your life or other things that might be the cause of the perspiration, and that which you can control. You can then start to look for the best treatment that fits your needs and comfort level.

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Treatments For Excessive Sweating

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This article was published on 2010/03/29