What Causes Excessive Sweating?

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1 out of 25 American is suffering from hyperhidrosis so that's about 12 million people. Some people learn to deal with it but most of us won't and we continuously find ways on how we can stop sweating more than the normal. Have you ever wondered what causes excessive sweating? Let us first briefly define what the medical term hyperhidrosis is. It is a medical condition in which somebody sweats uncontrollably and unpredictably. People who are suffering from this condition may sweat even by not doing anything or even when the temperature is cool or in other words under normal circumstances. We tend to sweat more in warm temperatures, when we exercise or when we are in an uncomfortable situations that trigger anger, anxiety, tension and nervousness.

However, what causes excessive sweating is the presence of hyperactive sweat glands. When you sweat heavily on your hands, feet and armpits, it is referred to as primary or focal hyperhidrosis. Millions of people are affected with hyperhidrosis however only 40% of patients seek medical advice. There is no detected cause for focal hyperhidrosis but heredity.

Another type of hyperhidrosis is called secondary hyperhidrosis, it is simply caused by another medical condition. The sweating may occur all over the body or in just one area. Conditions such as cancer, heart disease, drug or substance abuse, menopause, lung disease, hyperthyroidism, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease, diabetes are just some of what causes excessive sweating. How will you know that your sweating problem is an alarm for an underlying medical condition? The following are probable indications:

• Excessive, unexplained and usually prolonged sweating
• Sweating accompanied by chest pain, rapid pounding heartbeat or difficulty in breathing
• Night sweats
• Sweating with sudden drop in weight
• Sweating with fever

Can hyperhidrosis be treated? The good news is that it can be. You have a lot of options actually but you must first know the cause of your condition whether it's heredity or an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed at the soonest time possible. Before you resort to surgery, make sure you have tried everything from natural remedies to clinical strength prescription and oral medications. Surgery is an irreversible process and it poses some serious health risks. Talk to your doctor and see what he can recommend based on the severity of your condition.

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What Causes Excessive Sweating?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26